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The Open Source Tools We Love

The Kubefirst platform uses some of the most popular open source projects in the world. This page is dedicated to giving those projects credit for their incredible open source offerings, and to provide you with helpful links to their documentation.

Project AWS + Github AWS + Gitlab Local + Github
Argo CD X X X
Argo Workflows X X X
Atlantis X X X
cert-manager X X
ChartMuseum X X X
Docker X
ExternalDNS X X
External Secrets Operator X X
GitHub Actions X X
Gitlab Server X
Gitlab-runners X
summerwind/actions-runner X X
Ingress-Nginx X X X
K3d X
Kubernetes X X X
Material for mkdocs X X X
mkcert X
ngrok X
Terraform X X X
Soft-serve X
Vault X X X