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kubefirst local provides URLs and passwords that point to local applications. These applications are hosted using k3d a lightweight wrapper to run k3s (Rancher Lab’s minimal Kubernetes distribution)

If you close the handoff screen (by pressing ESC), you can still access the Kubefirst Console to see all applications, and their local endpoints by opening the Console app.

A newly provisoned local Kubefirst cluster contains the following content installed in it:

Application Description
Traefik Ingress Controller Native k3d Ingress Controller
Cert Manager Certificate Automation Utility
Argo CD GitOps Continuous Delivery
Argo Workflows Application Continuous Integration
GitHub Action Runner GitHub CI Executor
Vault Secrets Management
Atlantis Terraform Workflow Automation
External Secrets Syncs Kubernetes secrets with Vault secrets
Chart Museum Helm Chart Registry
Metaphor Frontend (development, staging, production) instance of sample Next.js and React app
  • These apps are all managed by Argo CD and the app configurations are in the gitops repo's registry folder.

Introduction to the Console UI

Learn how to use the Kubefirst Console

Atlantis Example / User Creation Walkthrough

Create your own user through Atlantis

Deliver metaphor-frontend to your new Development, Staging, and Production Environments

Use metaphor as a sample frontend

Accessing the Kubefirst Applications

The Console UI will provide you with the URLs to access the applications that were provisioned, and the handoff screen will provide the credentials to login into these applications.

After closing the handoff screen, you can also have access to the same credentials via the ~/.kubefirst file, that hosts the initial credentials for all the installed applications.

Note: please ensure Docker is running on your computer. Without docker you will not be able to acces the k3d resources generated for you.

Learning the Ropes

We've tried our best to provide the available customizations and patterns of the Kubefirst platform here on our docs site. We've also made links available to all of our open source tool's sources of documentation.

You can reach out to us if you have any issues along the way. We're also available for consultation of where you should take the platform based on your organization's needs. We know the technologies inside and out and would love to help you do the same.