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kubectl is the command line interface to our kubernetes clusters.


Kubernetes keeps their client binaries available on their releases page:

Installation Instructions

Warning: the following install is pinned, see releases page for a newer version.

VERSION=1.21.3; curl -LO "${VERSION}/bin/darwin/amd64/kubectl"
chmod +x ./kubectl
sudo mv ./kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl


Checking Your Kubectl Version

kubectl version --client --short

expected result: Client Version: v1.21.3

Getting EKS Configs

See To establish or adjust kubecfg, your local kubectl config file, with connection details for each of the kubernetes clusters, run the following 3 commands

AWS_PROFILE=mgmt aws eks update-kubeconfig --name k8s-mgmt --region us-east-2
AWS_PROFILE=preprod aws eks update-kubeconfig --name k8s-preprod --region us-east-2
AWS_PROFILE=production aws eks update-kubeconfig --name k8s-production --region us-east-2