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zsh shell utilities

This page documents some zsh shell utilities to improve your localhost's kubernetes experience

the k alias

Our favorite utility isn't a utility at all, it's a simple alias so that instead of typing the command kubectl, you can kust type the glorious letter k.

To add the k alias to your zsh profile edit your ~/.zshrc file and add the following line:

alias k="kubectl"

You can now simply k instead of kubectl

k get nodes -owide
k get namespaces


kube-ps1 is a utility that will display your current kubectl context in your terminal

brew update
brew install kube-ps1

kubectx and kubens

kubectx is a utility to manage and switch between kubectl contexts.

kubens is a utility to switch between Kubernetes namespaces.

You get both by installing kubectx

brew install kubectx


jq is like sed for JSON data - you can use it to get values out of json responses.

brew update
brew install jq