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Tooling Overview

There are a handful of utilities and CLIs that are needed to be successful on the platform. To stay in sync with the opinions of the platform, please use this page as your source of truth for the preferred versions of these utilities.

NOTE: the following installation instructions are for Mac, please refer to the links in each page for other operating systems

Kubefirst Tooling

Utility Version Link
Argo Workflow 3.1.11 argo
ArgoCD 4.10.5 argocd
Atlantis 0.19.9 atlantis
AWS CLI 2.2.25 aws-cli
Docker 20.10.7 docker
helm 3.6.1 helm
k3d 5.4.6 k3d
Kubectl 1.21.14 kubectl
Kubefirst 1.11.0 kubefirst
ngrok 3 ngrok
Terraform 1.0.11 terraform
Vault 1.11.2 vault-cli