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Hashicorp Vault CLI

vault is a cli that we use to interact with vault from the command line.


Vault keeps their client binaries available on their releases page:

Installation Instructions

Warning: the following install is pinned, see releases page for a newer version.

VERSION=1.8.0; curl -LO${VERSION}/vault_${VERSION}
unzip vault_${VERSION}
mv ./vault /usr/local/bin/vault


Checking Your Vault Version

vault --version

expected result: Vault v1.8.0 (82a99f14eb6133f99a975e653d4dac21c17505c7)


You will need to get credentials to authenticate with vault before you can use the vault cli. Speak with your security administrator to get these credentials.

After executing your vault login command, you will be able to interact with the secrets that your ACL permits.